Make a Play

Courts Plus has three air-conditioned courts available for racquetball, pickleball, handball, and Wally ball. One of these courts is equipped for 2-on-2 basketball. Courts Plus offers leagues and tournaments in racquetball and Wally ball.

Racquetball Challenge Courts

Drop in, co-ed program for adult players of all skill levels. Enjoy playing singles and/or doubles depending on how many players are present. This highly successful program is proud of its inclusion of players of all adult ages and skill levels. Beginners and intermediates are encouraged to participate. Meets Monday-Saturday, 9-11am.

Racquetball, Handball, Basketball Court Fees

To book court time, call (630) 833-5064.

Weekdays Member Non-Member
5am-4:30pm $6 per hour $8 per hour
4:30-11pm $10 per hour $12 per hour
Weekends Member Non-Member
6am-12:30pm $10 per hour $12 per hour
12:30-10pm $8 per hour $10 per hour