Aquatics Classes

Aquatic Classes are back. Summer schedule below:

Water Works

Courts Plus offers aquatic classes in the swimming pool and most classes are free for Courts Plus members. Swimming skills are not necessary for joining the classes. These classes offer safe, low impact exercises for effective cardiovascular conditioning, muscular strength and endurance, toning, and flexibility. All fitness levels will receive a challenging workout.

Private Lessons - Currently Suspended

Adult group and private swim lessons are also available for an additional fee. For more information, or to make an appointment with a Swimming Instructor, call (630) 833-5064.


Fun drills using boards, balls and buoys to strengthen and tone.

High energy aerobic workout plus strength skills.

Fun filled dance drills to get your groove on.

Moves to increase strength and define muscle.

Strengthens and tones arms, tightens and tones legs and gluts.

H20 Drills

Class includes patterns to increase range of motion and muscle strength.

Includes suspension exercises. Ride it! Push it! Pump it! Row it! Held in 2 center lanes for deeper water work out

High energy moves to gain cardio fitness, water weights for toning.

Registration required. Special class focusing on safe and effective pre and post natal exercise programming in the pool

Thirty minute cardio variety workout.

Early morning fitness, strength and flexibility using a variety of equipment.

Thank God it's Friday! Jump start the weekend with this variety class.

TBC, or Total Body Conditioning, offers a variety of cardio and muscle strengthening exercises including stretching.

Class includes exercises to tone and improve your flexibility.