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Get on the road to better health. New YEARLY memberships are suspended. Adult and Senior memberships remain 19-20% less than pre-pandemic rates.

Join by August 25, 2022 and enjoy NO JOINING FEE!

Courts Plus Membership

Individual Adult (Age 23-61) $47.50
Individual Young Adult (Age 18-22) $37
Individual Youth (Age 0-17) $20

Build a Household Membership**

Additional Adult (Age 23-61) $31.50
Additional Young Adult (Age 18-22) $25.50
Additional Youth (Age 0-17) $16

Senior Memberships***

Individual Senior (Age 62 and older) $37
Additional Senior (62 years old and older) $25.50

**Individual Adult members have the option to add additional members within the same household. Proof of residence is required. 

***An additional senior can only be added to an Individual Senior membership. Both members need to be 62 years old or older in order to receive the senior household discount.

30 Day Membership

30 Day Membership (18 and older) $55

Daily Use Non-Member Fees

Non-Member $15
Youth Non-Member $8

Other Membership Options

Annual Monthly Daily
Towel Service $120 $10 $1
1/2 Permanent Locker $90 $7.50 -
1/4 Permanent Locker $60 $5 -

Reminder - New Yearly Memberships are currently suspended.