The 4 Be's of Courts Plus Member Manners

Courts Plus is a place where staff, members and guests like to work and play. Following the four principles below will keep it that way! These lists are not exhaustive, just representative. Have fun!

Be an Example

  • Be the kind of person that you would like to have in your club.

Be Respectful

  • Follow staff instruction and direction, we really do know what we are doing.
  • Follow the instructions posted in the respective areas of the Courts Plus.
  • Share the Club equipment and resources.
    • Courtesy 30 minute max on cardio equipment when others are waiting, you can actually get a lot done in 30 minutes.
    • Allow others to use strength equipment while you are resting or traveling between sets.
    • Share pool lanes when all lanes are occupied.
  • Use your cell phone with courtesy.
    • Due to built-in cameras and video, cell phone use in the locker rooms, pool area, Kids Plus and group exercise studios is not permissible.
    • Any conversation beyond a 2-3 minute “May I call you back” on the Fitness Floor should be taken to a lounge area.
    • If you cannot resist a selfie, be sure to exclude anyone else from your masterpiece.
  • Wear attire that is both conducive to your activity and appropriate for a family environment.
  • Refrain from wearing perfume or cologne as a courtesy to members and guests with allergies, asthma and sensitivity to fragrances. Instead, shower and use deodorant.

Be Clean

  • Clean your trail.
    • Wipe down equipment after you are finished with it.  We do share, but not everything.
    • Return/Rerack weights when you are finished with your sets.
    • Keep your gym bag and belongings in a locker or on a hanger, not on the floor for others to trip over.
  • Clean your clothes.
    • Wear a clean shirt and shorts to avoid asphyxiating those around you.
  • Clean your body.
    • We don’t expect a shower immediately before your workout, but one in the recent past will help those around you breathe freely during their training.
    • Please shower before entering the pool and whirlpool, this will keep oils and dirt from affecting what we think is one of the cleanest pool areas in the Midwest.
  • Food and beverages other than water are allowed in the café and tennis lounge only.

Be Safe

  • We encourage everyone to have a complete physical exam by an M.D. prior to beginning any new program or new strenuous activity, especially those who have a history of heart conditions or other medical conditions.
  • Use equipment for its intended purpose. If you’re not sure, ask a staff member.