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Mike Nishimura

Mike Nishimura is a certified personal trainer with over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry. He works closely with his clients to develop programs that increase strength, flexibility, agility, aerobic capacity, reduce body fat, and most importantly, improve self-image and confidence. He caters his programs to address a client’s needs and to increase functionality for the activities of daily life. Mike specializes in:

Member proves it’s never too late to try something new

This past September, Sophia reinstated her membership at Courts Plus. At that time she expressed her desire to learn how to swim and was paired with Personal Trainer, Kathy Schroeder, who has a swimming background. Sophia is 70 years young. Up to that time, she had never been in a pool or outside body of water!

“To say that our first day was rather tense is an understatement! She was very nervous and scared and could not really let go of the side of the pool or my hand,” says Kathy.