Frequently Asked Questions

COVID-19 Protocols

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Daily Use

Non-members are charged a daily use fee each time they visit the facility (unlimited number of visits). All non-members must register at the Courts Plus Service Desk and bring photo identification. For non-member youths (ages 15 and under), daily use fees can be used for racquet sports and the fitness floor when supervised by an adult member during Youth Fitness Floor hours. All non-members 17 and under must have a parent or a guardian sign the daily use waiver.

Member Check In

All members and visitors to the facility must check in with the Courts Plus service desk. Members must check in with his/her membership card or sign in prior to participating in an activity. This is for the safety of all members and guests and enables us to keep track of who is in the building.

Cancellation Policy for Services

In order to avoid a fee, a 24-hour notice is required to cancel an appointment or reservation for massages, personal training sessions, and private lessons and court time. If cancellation is late (less than 24 hour notice), then the appointment or reservation will be put up for sale. If not sold, the member will be billed accordingly and charged a $5.00 service charge.

Locker Rooms

In an effort to provide for the privacy, comfort, and convenience of all members, please adhere to the following guidelines regarding children in the locker rooms:

“Children over the age of 2 are not permitted in the locker room of the opposite sex.

Cell Phone Usage

The Elmhurst Park District/Courts Plus has a policy prohibiting the use of all cell phones and any photo/video devices (i.e. cameras) in District bathrooms and locker rooms. The intent of the policy is to protect the privacy of Park District facility users by preventing the taking of unauthorized photos by devices that can be easily concealed or go unnoticed (such as a camera phone). The District is banning all cell phone use in these areas because it is not always possible to distinguish if a phone is being used for taking pictures. Cell phones are also not allowed on the pool deck, in Kids Plus or group exercise studios. Courts Plus is asking its members to assist us in abiding by this policy. Please go to designated cell phone areas (a hallway, tennis lounge or the Café) to use your cell phone.

Attire and Equipment

Proper attire is required for participants using the facility. Shirts and shoes are required in all public recreational areas. Closed-toed shoes must be worn on the fitness floor. No marking (i.e. – black soled) shoes are allowed on the tennis courts, racquetball courts, and in the group exercise studio. Athletic attire shall not be left in Courts Plus lockers overnight unless the member has a permanent rental locker. Courts Plus is not responsible for items that are left in daily usage lockers overnight.

Leave of Absence

Members may apply for a leave of absence if they are to be out of the area for two or more months. The dues of members paying monthly on a leave of absence shall be reduced to an amount equal to one-third of the prevailing dues for the applicable membership classification. Members paying their dues annually will receive a credit that will reflect on their next membership renewal notification. Reinstatement of such memberships is subject to the current membership dues structure. It is the member’s responsibility to complete the request form prior to the leave of absence. There are no retroactive leaves. If injured or hospitalized, the member must notify Courts Plus within one week of injury or hospitalization. Request for medical leave of absence must be accompanied with written notification from the doctor. All leaves of absence MUST be done in person, email or by mail. A member’s signature is required.

Membership Cancellations

It is the responsibility of the member to cancel a membership. Memberships do not automatically terminate after one year. Yearly memberships receive renewal letters by mail containing information regarding renewal. Memberships that are paid monthly have no expiration date. All members are required to cancel their own memberships. Cancellations can only be done in person at the Courts Plus Service Desk by email or by mail. No phone cancellations will be taken. All cancellations must be submitted on the 25th of the month or earlier or you will be billed for that month.

Monthly Billing

Members are billed for the current month. For members who participate in monthly billing, your membership will automatically renew each year. Membership accounts will be debited on the 1st (or closest business day to the 1st) of each month. All changes to monthly billing must be submitted by written notification on the 25th of the month or earlier.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

Any changes in your credit card or checking account MUST be made on the 25th of the month or earlier. You are responsible for informing Courts Plus of any changes to this account including but not limited to: bank name changes, account number changes, and new credit card expiration dates. Courts Plus will charge a $10 dollar fee for any transaction returned unpaid due to problems with or changes to the account. All changes must be completed in person at the Courts Plus Service Desk or by mail on the 25th of the month or earlier. No changes will be taken by phone.

Membership Dues

The Elmhurst Park District shall determine the amount and terms of payment of dues which shall be payable by the members per year or month. These fees will be changed from time to time. Dues may be paid in two ways: Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) for monthly dues, paid using a checking account or credit card (MasterCard, Visa or Discover), or paid in full. Annual fees will receive a 5% discount in rates.

Membership Upgrades

Memberships may be upgraded by paying the difference between the joining fees and monthly dues in the existing and upgraded categories.

Joining Fees

All new members at Courts Plus are required to pay a non-refundable joining fee. Joining fees are a onetime only charge, but if the membership lapses, a returning member is subject to a reactivation fee, or the current joining fee, depending on the length of lapse.

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