Verify your account - new registration and membership software is here

Courts Plus members may verify their account in ActiveNet

Elmhurst Park District is getting ready to launch its new registration software, ActiveNet. It will be used for program registration, pass memberships and facility reservations, including Courts Plus memberships and programming

The first registration date that will take place in the new software is December 9 at 8 am for programs featured in the Winter Brochure. If you want to register for winter programming, you must verify your account by registration on December 9.

Login to ActiveNet to verify or set-up your account

How to verify your account:

If you have held a Courts Plus membership or registered for a program in the past two years: Account information will be automatically transferred into the new system. 

  • Visit the ActiveNet Sign-In page and click the 'Forgot your Password?' Link under the password text box.
  • Enter in the email address associated with your current registration account. 
    • You may be prompted to enter your name and birthdate and click Submit. (Download walkthrough on entering birthdate). 
    • NOTE: Please use your name as listed on your current account, i.e. If your account is Daniel, but you go by Dan, you will need to enter Daniel for the system to recognize you. 
  • Check your email for the Reset your Password message and click the blue 'Reset Password' link to create a password for your new ActiveNet account. 
  • Login with your email and newly created password.
  • Once logged in, verify your account information looks correct. This includes your name, phone number, address, email, family members and emergency contacts. You can also choose to store a credit card on ActiveNet so you're ready for future transactions.
  • Bookmark or save the ActiveNet sign-in page for quick access in the future.

If you have not held a membership or registered for a program since October 2021: You will need to create a new account.

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