SQUARE1 System

Due to COVID 19, appointments in this area are currently suspended.

What is the SQUARE1™ System?

The SQUARE1™ System is an effective movement correction system that quickly and accurately pinpoints the sensorimotor deficits that cause us to compensate with how we move. Correction involves simple, strategic, and individually targeted exercises that are easy to perform. Who can benefit?

Athletes, fitness enthusiasts, active and/or sedentary individuals who have experienced any of the following:

  • Movement compensations
  • Muscular weakness, tightness, or pain
  • Lack of flexibility
  • Plateau or impaired performance

Session Duration

All first-time SQUARE1™ System appointments will be one hour in length. Subsequent sessions may be one hour or 30 minutes.

Cancellation Policy

Courts Plus requires 24 hours’ notice for any cancelations or appointment rescheduling.

To Schedule

Please fill out a SQUARE1™ System System request at the Service Desk. You may also need to complete a Health History Questionnaire. Chicagoland’s Shawn Sherman is the developer of the SQUARE1™ System System. For more information, please visit www.Square1System.com.


"I’ve tried a multitude of approaches including Epson salt baths, massage, chiropractic, acupuncture, herbals, energy medicines and supplements. After 1 treatment I experienced an 85% reduction in pain and stiffness with SQUARE1™ System. This is an injury that I’ve had for 12 years." - Barb O. See before and after images.

"I have been limping around with a hip 'injury' for several weeks. I was skeptical of the treatment. I thought to myself 'this will never work'. I was headed to the orthopedist to get a shot of cortisone or something for relief, but I thought, 'what the heck, I'll try it' before I go. Jen was super informational and explained everything in detail. To my surprise my limp was gone after the first session and keeps getting better. I am a believer now!" – Aaron S.

"I started to experience hip pain while running that would last for days after. I was referred to Jen by a friend and was unsure at first about the process. After the first session my pain was minimal. Two sessions and I can run long distance with zero pain!" – Kendra S.

"I set up a session with Jen after attending one of her presentations. I was having pain in my hip and arm/shoulder. After my first session, my hip pain was nonexistent! My arm pain was not gone totally, but it felt much better. I wasn’t experiencing the sharp pains that I once had.
The pain in the back of my left knee has also disappeared. My body has been feeling much better during AND after my workouts. Well worth the session" – Julie W.

"Issues: Tendonitis and bursitis in right shoulder and hip. Arthritis in left foot.Within first 12 hours after 1st therapy session: No pain, strain or hurt in shoulder/hip/foot, No pain sleeping (which usually hurts), Clear sinuses, Better posture. Duration of improvement:Several days, several tennis lessons later until I overworked my body with 5 tennis lessons in a row. Second therapy session results:TBD, feel great immediately afterwards! Very methodical process, works on neurotransmitters, similar to Chinese medicine."- Anne M.







Jen David

Jen David graduated from Northern Illinois University in 2001 with a Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology and Physical Education.  She has been an ACE-certified Personal Trainer since 2001 and has spent her time working in both medically-based fitness centers and small personal training studios.  At one point she worked as a personal trainer at Peak Performance in LaGrange, IL, which was a personal training studio owned by Shawn Sherman, developer of the SQUARE1™ System.  She went through the SQUARE1™ System training course in 2015 and has been actively helping clients since then.  When Jen is not at Courts, she is busy attending to the needs of her husband and three kids and actively involved in their church and kids' school. 

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