Fit 4 Life Youth Gym Policy & FAQ

We encourage a healthy, balanced lifestyle and recommend that no youth should need to exercise more than 60 minutes, we have added 30 minutes for you to shower if needed from your own workout. If you exceed the time limit of 1.5 hours we will call to come pick up your child as this program is for ages 6-15.

Proper exercise attire will ensure a much more enjoyable, and safe experience for your child. Gym shoes, t-shirt, shorts preferred. No boots, sandals for safety reasons. Your child will not be able to participate that day if not dressed properly.

Each child is expected to check into Fit 4 Life with their ID card or temporary day pass. 10 and older are allowed to sign themselves in and out of the program. Ages 6-10 require a parent to drop off and pick up child from the Fit 4 Life room to sign participant in/out.

This program is for everyone, and for all to enjoy. We all want a safe, healthy fitness class to participate in. Misbehaving, disrespect, foul language, misuse of equipment will not be tolerated. All mentioned will get an oral warning from instructor with notice to parent, second offense management will call home, third offense we may ask that your child not participate in the program.

What is the focus of the classes?

The classes we hold focus on large motor skill development, balance, coordination and endurance. We stress the importance of safe exercise activities. We want kids to have fun and develop a lifelong interest in their health in a safe atmosphere. We use this time to educate the children on fitness, self-esteem and fun. Fit 4 Life also takes time to focus on strength, agility and endurance. During these classes we educate youth on safe exercise and help them prepare for individual sports, or help them focus on their lifelong fitness. We primarily use the specialized equipment in the youth gym. We may also combine the climbing wall, outdoor areas or other fitness areas to keep the program exciting as the youth gym room is small.

Are there classes being held during the summer?

See the Fit 4 Life web page for hours and class schedules. Just like the school year, we teach 30 minute classes during our hours of operation.

What are the school year hours and classes like?

Classes are structured and run like circuit style classes so all the participants are exercising at once. Each class is 30 minutes. During the week and weekends you may drop in but we encourage coming to the start of class to get the introduction from the instructor.

How long may my child stay?

You child may stay 1 ½ hours per day for class time. *We ask that parents sign In & Out with I.D. all children up to age 10. At age 10 they may use I.D. to sign In & Out themselves.

Who are the instructors?

We have a variety of instructors all focused on helping today’s youth make health and fitness a priority in their lives. Our staff have degrees, fitness certifications and/or experience in the sports/fitness field.